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There is nothing in this world better than sharing with others what you love to do. Be it a profession, a hobby or anything else, finding others with the same affinity as you, with whom to do what you like to do, talk about it, encourage each other and help each other grow, is absolutely priceless.

I love running, and even if for personal reasons right now I can't do it anymore, I am still connected with this world and I want to help other runners have a better experience, make friends and form groups. This is the purpose of this website, Running Partners.

How the idea was born

I have been running for quite a long time, and met amazing people. However, I noticed that many of us had trouble connecting with other runners and finding groups. Working with others can be much better than working alone. You get the motivation and the company that you need to make your best every time. When you are running with others, the path seems shorter, your body is less tired, and you feel stronger than ever to reach the goal in less time.

So back then in 2004 I was on the Runner's World forum, reading posts and posts about runners trying to find other runners, and I decided, why not make it happen myself? So I created Running Partners, a platform where runners can find each other, meet and design tracks for them to run together. As any other hobby website, this is a completely free platform. You don't have to pay to join and you will never have to pay. There is no such thing as premium memberships or anything like that. You just come here, find your partners in your area, and start running.

Where we are now

The idea progressed, and through this website, that I also used myself, I met a running partner with whom we had great affinity. Together, we joined a local group that basically changed my perspective on running. I improved my marks a lot, from 5K to a half marathon, and everything was thanks to the support and motivation that my running partners provided.

Sadly, I had to say goodbye to running after a knee injury that sent me to the OR. I could never recover, so my running days were pretty much over. However, the passion was still burning, and I remained involved with the running community. I still have an online presence as well as a connection with the activity in other areas, like my interest in sports photography.

So here we are, with a strong and growing community that you can join. Become a member of Running Partners and find people with whom you can share your time running and facing new challenges. It is free and open to the public, and so it will always be. I want you all to have the opportunity to live an experience as possitive as mine was, so here is the platform you need.

How It Works

Select your area to find a list of runners near you. Explore the profiles to make your match. But remember, your general run could be someone else’s tempo run, and vice versa so no need to restrict yourself to runners of similar ability. Use the messaging system to make contact. Your e-mail address is not displayed.

The nature of the site means you need response to your listing and your messages so, to keep the site current, profiles are deleted after a year of inactivity and member numbers may appear to fluctuate. People will find partners or join clubs and move on. That is the idea!

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