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Orthotics For Runners!

What are orthotics?

Are you suffering from heel pain, pain in the ball of your feet, arch pain, aching feet, pain in your toes or your achilles tendonitis or bunions? If you are, inlays which are also known as orthotics or insoles can definitely help to reduce your pain. These lower limb biomechanics devices have been around for decades and have been used as a major treatment options for various types of foot problems. Orthotics are similar to arch supports in that they are used as a type of support for the feet. The main difference between orthotics and arch support is the fact that true foot orthotics are mainly prescription devices which are used to apply specific forces to certain areas of the foot, decreasing any pathological or postural imbalances. Foot orthotics are prescribed based on the foot condition that you have been diagnosed with, your foot type and your body type.

As mentioned earlier, orthotics have been used as a treatment of various foot complaints. This include complaints such as:


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Orthotics For Runners!

Orthotics For Runners!


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